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Navigating identities

Our identity dictates how we navigate this world. My identity is that of a single, immigrant, millennial, Filipino woman hustling in New York City post-grad school. I am also brilliant as hell. And like most of my talented comrades I had my share of struggles that hindered me from achieving certain successes. In large part, this hindrance is due to structural constraints, societal expectations, and even cultural machismo. I’m looking at you patriarchy.

Of course I knew at an early age that I live in a racist, sexist, ageist, misogynist world. And because of this I learned to morph myself into a relentless badass babe who didn’t take bullshit lightly. Just ask my friends. I studied social inequities and educated myself about intersectionality and depravity. And the more I participated, the more I learned these intractable issues can’t be changed by protests, rallies or petitions alone.

Negotiating empowerment

A few years ago I began sharing my learnings and experiences through various platforms with the communities closest to me: Shout out to all the anxious, overworked, overlooked, underpaid, and in-debt millennial women in New York City. Hey girls, hey! As I progress further in my careers (that’s plural) I realized that there is a need to share with the larger community skills and tools that I employ in my own personal life and professional practice that aid in bringing me closer to socioeconomic empowerment and personal fulfillment. Thus, the birth of this ever-changing blog.

This blog is an homage to all the idealistic, fearless, young women (much like the younger version of myself) who are unafraid, unapologetic of their own self-awareness. I hope you continue to challenge and change the system by choosing to live a life in your own terms.